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Here is a bit of information on Blazers, Suit jackets & Sports Jackets... what are they, why do you need one and how to wear one.


Blazers, Suit jackets & Sports Jackets... a traditional menswear staple dating back to the 1800's, are essentially all the same thing, just different lingo commonly used for the same item of men's clothing.. which, most simply put is a standalone jacket worn with contrasting colour trouser. 


(Not to bore with all the fine details but sometimes referred to as a sports jacket due to the connections with traditional gentlemen's sports such as tennis, golf and so on...)

Now, why do I need one? Why should I get one? & What one should I get? 


A blazer is the ultimate centre piece every man's wardrobe needs. Its that one item that if you haven't already, now is the time. A blazer will stand you the test of time, get you out of any occasion wardrobe panic, wedding day 2, engagement party, race days, communion, confirmation, date night and so on... always have a crisp white shirt to pair it with and its a fool proof pairing every time.


If you are ever unsure of the dress code on any occasion, how dressed up you should be? Is it an event that requires a suit? Just get yourself a blazer, shirt and a smart pair of trousers or chinos and you are set no matter what the occasion is.


Most often, your blazer will be worn with chinos/slacks or suit trouser & shirt, however, the modern man is shaking this tradition up by creating the base layer to their outfit with a denim jean & shirt or even a polo shirt, which allows them the option to take it off as the event you are in attendance for progresses and the first impressions have been made, and be in their more common &comfortable/ relaxed attire, jeans & shirt.



The most common standard single breast blazer has two buttons on the front, and it is gentleman etiquette to only ever tie the top button while standing, when seated it is appropriate to leave the jacket open. 


There are endless different fabric options and weights for different times of year.. but.. to be fair... we live in Ireland... our weather is consistent enough year round that generally, you will only find a small number of options of fabric weights and materials on the Irish market for this reason.


To be honest, even for the most fashion adverse gent, a blazer makes building an outfit quiet easy.

For anyone that isn't comfortable building outfits,  just keep it simple.

Have a blazers in your wardrobe in a blue, navy or green; or a grey/charcoal or black. These will very easily go over most shirt and pants combinations.

If you tend to wear all navy or all grey/black, then have one in a brighter colour that compliments the colours you wear!


TRUTH & usually have good stock in really easy winners in blazers, suit jackets & sports jackets for you to purchase either in-store or online

All online orders are dispatched from the store in Ennis, so delivery is extremely quick for shoppers in Ireland (usually arrive within 2 working days)


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