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Here is a quick bit of info on men's shoes..

In our menswear store & from general chat with men's over the years, shoes seem to be one of the more difficult items they find to obtain.

But, like with every subject we touch on here, we'll keep it simple and cut the waffle out so you can make the right decision for you!


First of all we would recommend whatever your age or style, a clean plain white leather and plain black sneaker are two must haves in your wardrobe. 

If you haven't got one of each, invest in a good pair. They are the base and starting point to you presenting yourself the right way and more often than not, these will be the only 2 you need for your casual wardrobe.

*There's a time and place for 'runners' , If you would wear them to the gym/walking, there not the right shoe for your casual wardrobe outfits. will generally have great core options available, with quality in mind, as most of the options available in 2022 are handmade & affordable.

Your white pair will serve you perfectly for everyday wear when you want to look sharp but not overdressed.

Your black pair will be the perfect pair for a dressier look. You can feel comfortable and confident in being dressed enough in these for any occasion!


For a solid complete casual shoe collection, a brown leather sneaker completes the lot. However, from experience, we find generally the black and white are the easiest to pair with almost every casual outfit.

If you've got the style and knowhow to build your outfit on a brown leather also, then go for it! Or pop into us or get in touch with us, we would love to help.


Really hope this helps,

We would love to hear your feedback on this blog, did you find value in it? Is there something else you would like more info on? We'd love to chat! 



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