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Selected Homme and TRUTH Menswear’s partnership, how we buy it, why we stock it and more!

TRUTH’s store owner Connor Harkin, having been in the menswear business for 10+ years has had a personal relationship with Selected Homme the brand for almost that amount of time!

So, when it came time for TRUTH to open its doors in2021, Selected Homme were one of the first brands to insist TRUTH Menswear were to be the only store in Ennis to have distribution rights to Selected Homme.

We travel to meet in person with the company a minimum of once every 3 months and are in constant contact with them regarding the latest product releases, so, you get all the latest collections in real time as they become available both in-store & online!

If you are a frequent visitor to our store, you will havecome to know this brand is one of our favorites. We constantly sing their praises to customers.

(its quality and affordability make it an easy winner for everyone, t-shirts generally start at about €20, shirts are typically€40-€60, hoodies & sweats €40-€60 etc)

It’s a world-renowned brand and they are on a mission, likeourselves, to make better and do better within the fashion industry.

Every collection they are producing is getting more and moresustainable and eco-friendly.

Selected Homme really embody our vision for the future withthe progress they are making with using recycled materials, organic cotton, fair-trade cotton, hemp and much more.

More on to this, what’s hugely important to us is that thecollections are not only reasonably priced, but the quality is unbelievable. It washes and wears incredibly well over time. This allows us all the opportunity to have an affordable option to create a wardrobe that is going to serve you and save you money while also being kind to the planet.

This is the brand that you get your one wardrobe favorite that you wear over and over and wash repeatedly and can't get over how long you've had it for and end up bulling with yourself that you didn't get more at the time!


Its honestly a weekly occurrence in-store that someone discovers Selected Homme for the first time, picks up a t shirt, polo or hoodie to give them a try, only to come back the following week to do a full stock up. (Which is one of the small joys in what we do, getting to make the process of the hunt for quality and fashionable piece as simple as possible for you)

The brand comes from Denmark and has at the core of its collections, a typical to mainland Europe minimalistic fashion styling with a few statement feature pieces, with rarely a logo to be seen. You will find high-quality wardrobe staples from this brand for the most part, your plain t’s, chinos, denims, shirts, blazers & shoes.

When browsing our collections online or in-store you can besafe in the knowledge that every product that we have available to you, we have done the leg work, quality checking each and every item of clothing you see.


It will wear and last into the future for you, and when youbuy Selected Homme, you are casting your vote that you are making an effort to be kind to the planet.

..while also looking good :)


Really hope this helps,

We would love to hear your feedback on this blog, did you find value in it? Is there something else you would like more info on? We'd love to chat! 



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